Art Cards

Mari offers a selection of over 100 utterly original greeting cards. Choose from a spectrum of subjects—a card for every occasion. Click below to discover and order from Mari’s Etsy Store. View her entire store here.
Greeting cards and envelopes are printed in Mari’s studio, on recycled paper, with reduced pricing for bulk orders.
Dog Days Cards Sun Salutation Cards All Occasions Cards Animal Greeting Cards Robert’s Blank Cards
Ten whimsical illustrated cards with captions that depict the dog days of summer featuring our favorite and beloved canine characters. Funny, inspiring, heartwarming.





Cards correspond to the twelve asanas that comprise the Yoga Surya Namaskar movements. Sacred sanskit mantras for each movement are included, along with one bonus Sun card. Total of thirteen cards in the set.




Animal Greeting CardsA card to meet your every need with over 100 designs to choose from! Devotional, irreverent, quirky, spiritual, silly, and more. From grief to the joys of taking your vows, birthday celebrations to solstice teas and holiday greetings.
(cards are non-gender specific).
Slices of life, pithy captions, and hilarious drawings featuring an array of designs and cartoon characters. They will lift your spirits, inspire your friends, make you laugh from your belly and brighten your day.





Robert's Blank CardsExquisite mélange of art and photography. The beauty of Mother Nature’s botanicals through the eyes of an inspired artist.