Unleashing Your Inner Dog

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Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri SteinUnleashing Your Inner Dog, Your Best Friend’s Guide to Life provides a joyous read full of laughs, inspiration, and cleansing tears, guaranteed to get you all wagged up. Laugh-out-loud stories, quotable phrases, and enchanting pictures galore.

© 2001, Mari Stein

“Stein’s delightful drawings, as if Picasso reincarnated as a turned-on James Thurber, will charm and inspire us…. Unleashing Your Inner Dog is wise and lots of fun.” -Branches of Light News & Reviews

Unleashing Your Inner Dog is wry, touching, and funny. Mari Stein and I appear to know many of the same things about dogs. And all of what we know is good.” -Robert B. Parker, best-selling mystery writer

“Stein’s cartoon canines are sly, effervescent, and all-too-human. They dance, they console us when nothing else can, they love you even if, say, you have a big fish on you head.” -Bill Varble, Mail Tribune

“Mari’s book is a loving description of how dogs enrich our lives. Dogs also can be great teachers if we only slow down and listen to what they have to say… Unleashing Your Inner Dog‘s charming illustrations, inspiring stories and humorous anecdotes make this book a treasure.” -Friends of the Animal Shelter

“Stein’s insightful sense of humor… her ability to intuit what her dogs are teaching her, and her skill at cartooning… captures the imagination in a refreshing and thought provoking way, a book which might be artfully left on a coffee table to stimulate laughter as well as discussion. For anyone who has lived with and observed a canine friend, this book will affirm what they already know but may not have been able to put in words.” -NAPRA

“Mixing witty cartoons with touching and humorous anecdotes, [Stein] explores such admirable canine traits as authenticity, reveling in life’s abundance, unconditional love and devotion, living in the now, loyalty, and joie de vivre.” -Transitions Book Place Chicago

Unleashing Your Inner Dog, Your Best Friend’s Guide to Life is a story of how our dogs can rescue us from a life of delusion and instruct us in the art of love and joy. By observing our canine companions, we can learn to be our own top dog…”

Below is a sampling of the drawings and text from the illustrated book. Click to enlarge.

Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein

“With over 100 cartoons and drawings in her sparse and whimsical pen strokes, Mari Gayatri Stein makes us smile and nod in agreement. Her accompanying text reminds us of what we can learn from our cuddly companions and often describes amusing true-dog stories.

“I especially liked: ‘Why worry when you can have fun in the sky? Time is fleeting, hang onto your dog. Unconditional love and devotion. Everyday is a celebration; dance around yourself; be gleeful; our dogs’ patience and obedience are saint like; dogs are pure nourishment.’

“Mari writes: ‘The chocolate-colored bunny who lives under the fir tree outside my office just hopped up to the window. She paused to look up at me, twitched her broad, rusty brown nose, erupted in place with what looked to be a bunny hiccup, then did an abrupt turn-around, stopped to nibble some grass and, just as suddenly, scooted off with the speed she might have mustered if all four dogs were in pursuit. For a moment, time was suspended. I was in awe of my own aliveness…’ How often, upon watching our Buddy-dog or our chipmunks, snakes or birds, have I also felt that aliveness in the moment!

A lovely, mature, witty, and cosmic caper inspired by the furry and tailed angels in our lives.

While you don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this book, it does help. Unleashing Your Inner Dog would be an inspired gift for your dog-loving friends! Something they’ll treasure you for giving!” – Rebecca Reads

“’Love transcends form,’, the author says; nevertheless, this book is definitely for those who understand the special joi de vivre possible with canine companions… Readers who have used self-help legal books from Nolo Press may recognize Stein’s simple, Thurberesque cartooning style. Combined here with witty and poignant observations (‘When your human is in doldrums, put her underpants on your head.’) Stein’s delightful art shines with unconditional love and perhaps a bit of drool.” – Branches Magazine

Below is a sampling of the drawings and text from the illustrated book. Click to enlarge.

Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein Unleashing Your Inner Dog by Mari Gayatri Stein

“The title and her superb artwork are strongly reminiscent of James Thurber’s genius. This wise little book is for anyone, dog lover or no… It is impossible to say how much I love this book about our best friends, who ARE love. Mari touchingly and wittingly, often hilariously, tells us how dogs make us better people.” – TEA Magazine

“Her book glows with impressionistic; let’s-celebrate-the-goofy illustrations and cluttered text urging readers gently to reexamine priorities and adopt the canine way of living in the bow-wow now.” – The Columbian, Vancouver, WA

“Mari’s bite is even better than her bark and her bark is the sound of one dog clapping. A joy to read, proving once again that wisdom and laughter go together.” – Wes Nisker, Inquiring Mind

“This delightful little book examines what our dogs can teach us. Unleashing Your Inner Dog is profusely illustrated with the author’s whimsical drawings, which especially remind me of the cartoons of James Thurber… Stein manages to capture the pure essence of doginess with only a few strokes of her pen… Stein puts it this way, ‘If there is happiness to be had by dog, it does not belong to the future.’ Stein writes with wry humor that rings true.” – Oriana Green, Just Out

“Wonderful Thurberesque doggies – enchanting!” – Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times Columnist and Radio Show Host

“Forget the therapist, just learn from Fido. Mari Gayatri Stein’s whimsical Unleashing Your Inner Dog: Your Best Friend’s Guide to Life… sweet biscuit of a book… makes a suitable gift for any dog lover who has been sick or needs help cheering up.” – Portland Tribune

“If you are a dog lover, there can never be too many dogs in your life, or too many dog books. That’s how a dog lover (like this reviewer) feels. Each person who writes about dog love brings their unique expression to the task. Still, I was delighted to discover this upretentious little book humorously illustrated and lovingly written by Ms. Stein. Unleashing Your Inner Dog is packed with Zen wit and wisdom of a canine variety. It will make you laugh, perhaps cry, inspire, and liberate your mind. The wit, the love, the revelry and joy are well worthy of both human and dog kind.” – The Bodhi Tree

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