Mari Gayatri Stein is an author, artist, and cartoonist whose insightful words and drawings have delighted readers for over thirty years.
Her whimsical illustrations and stories have been published in numerous collaborative book efforts, magazines, newspapers, and journals. Her works are embodiments of love, spirit, and heart, doused with humor, irony, and hope.
Out of the Blue Valise by Mari Gayatri Stein
If you imagine an encounter between Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh at a twelve-step meeting, you may approximate the tone and flavor of her debut novel Out of the Blue Valise, an unusual, category-defying work of fiction, in which stories proliferate within their enclosing frame.
Her recent e-book, The Magic of the Gayatree: Three Fables of Enchantment, is newly released on Amazon
Magic of the Gayatree: Three Fables of Enchantment by Mari Gayatri Stein
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