So You’re Going to Have Puppies

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Enchanting, heartwarming, and educational, So You’re Going To Have Puppies is the true-life adventure of the birth of 14 St. Bernard puppies. Puppies is fully illustrated and includes tips on training, care, and puppy love.

“This charming children’s book which takes us from ‘ …a wag of the tail and an innocent flirtatious glance…’ to ‘Be prepared for a lot of puddles…’ is whimsically funny and gently educational all the way.

Mari’s Thurber-like drawings and sensitive dog’s-view-of-the-world makes this a useful alternative to all those confusing hem-and-haw sessions about ornithology and apiology when the kids ask what Fido and Fifi are doing.”
—Robert Geste The Los Angeles Times

Below is a sampling of the back cover, drawings, and captions from the book. Click to enlarge.