Item 1 – Three years old, and already a plot

You’re never too young to indulge your passions—whether your penchant is to mount a horse or to tell a story.

At three, I was already dictating a slice of life experience to my nursery school teacher.


Where is she today when I need her; when my ideas are flapping away with such ferocity, I struggle to write them down before they fledge?

I would love to pace around my office dictating and gesticulating with abandon, while my dream assistant commits every syllable to paper, her flying fingers barely grazing the keyboard. No typos, no misspellings, no gems lost.

Once done, she presents me with a pristine hard copy, offers tea, and while it brews, leaves me do what I love most of all—edit away the day and play the game of words.


Conferring with the Sand•Muse