Item 16 – Muse et Moi


Meditation with my Muses—with and without tails

The following summer, I received shocking news. Without immediate open heart surgery, I would die of congestive heart failure, the ugly death that claimed my mom just ten months earlier. I dove into Insight Meditation and wrote and drew fiendishly until that dark day of December, on the eve of the new millennium, when they wheeled me into the operating theater.

My muse held my paw, while Muse licked my face.

Creativity was always my lifeline, so I wrote on regardless of my condition. Before and during my recovery, I completed two books: The Buddha Smiles and Unleashing Your Inner Dog: Your Best Friend’s Guide to Life. (see books And produced a volume of poetry and a portfolio of pen and ink drawings/watercolors full of the edgy humor and eroticism of death and rebirth.

mari-and-muse“I want to find my feet, and aim my heart and mind in the direction they are pointed,” I told my sweetie dog, Muse. This was more a coming down to earth than an ascendance. Providing the illustrations for the picture book, Higgledy Piggledy kept my soul intact during hip replacement surgery. (see My New Hip blog)

The recent release of my first novel, Out of the Blue Valise (see books and offered refuge while I battled two bouts of cancer over a three year period. (See The Bosom Blog)