Item 20 – Team PO

 Po, the heroine of Out of the Blue Valise, is a magical hippo who rescues author Mila in her battle against cancer.

“Err on the side of love, and never be a nastyboots!”

Join team Po, and fall in love with life!
Get your official PO tee shirt or tank top.

po-tank-photowhimseyWe are aiming for flash mobs in every capital in every country.
Proudly wearing your Po tee shirt and armed with your copy of Out of the Blue Valise, join the Po peace march today.
Po is an exemplary hippopotamus. She endeavors to love everyone, all creatures, with and without tails, but occasionally she falters.
When Po gets SMAD (sad, then mad), she is prone to Smash Squash Squish and Crush things—always in a good cause. Nonetheless she is working on this particular character defect and reminds us to embrace our humanity and oneness with all its flaws.Her magic password to the universe, or mantra, enables her to hippomorphosize—change size at will. Po is loyal, fun-loving and a great protector.
Cultivate your Po like traits. As a member of Team-Po you are entitled to receive a personal password to the universe. Contact Po today.


A few Po•isms
“How dull the world would be without imperfections.”
“To find courage is to be intimate with fear.”
“Most humans are too preoccupied and distracted to see the magic.”
“Fall in love with life and remember that true beauty deepens with age, never clashes with Mother Nature or goes out of style.”
“The trick is to surrender without succumbing.”
“I know one thing. I feel happy when I am with a friend, so I must endeavor to make the whole world my friend.”
Po on the go. Have Po at your side, in front and in back. Be invincible.