The Magic of the Gayatree: Three Fables of Enchantment

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The Magic of the Gayatree Cover by Mari Gayatri SteinDrawn from Vedic teachings and reflecting Buddhist insights, these fables invite you to delight in your childlike nature, expand your heart, and re-embrace your dreams.

Story Summaries

The Magic of the Gayatree: Abandoned by her parents, the little girl Mooksha is raised by the blind old seer Mataji. Considered strange and ugly by the villagers, Mooksha is ostracized, and when Mataji dies, she is alone. Clinging to the promise and vision of Mataji’s teachings and the mystical words she chanted, Mooksha sets out to find a kindred spirit. In the wondrous fruit forest she is befriended by enchanting animals and meets the wise and magical tree, the Gayatree, whose only unfulfilled dream is to produce a delicious fruit. Together they unlock the secret of the true Self and realize their dreams.

Wherever I Go I Keep the Rainbow: Each year on New Year’s Day all the bunnies of the world congregate in Antarctica for the great bunny reunion. Here they are visited by the blissful Bunananda, who is in charge of all the rainbows and descends from a pink cloud. She answers questions, cures bunnies who are sick, passes out toys and vegetables, and then announces it is time to go rainbow-gathering. The bunnies’ mission is to collect the colors of the rainbow from the secret rainbow cave—the source of all the rainbows. Then the bunnies can string rainbows across the sky wherever they are needed to spread a message of everlasting joy and understanding all over the world.

The Magic of the Gayatree Cover by Mari Gayatri SteinThe Story of Ganesha the Balancing Elephant and the Little Boy Jinn: Far away in the desert of Ibazook, Ganesha the Balancing Elephant became celebrated for the tricks she could perform, fanciful feats of strength and comical balancing dances. She was raised by the little boy Jinn, who told magical tales and sang Ibazookian songs. One day a great Wind captures them, spinning them endlessly. Dizzy and afraid, they plead for help from a great black bird, a graceful cloud, and a passing oasis, but none can rescue them. Jinn and Ganesha discover the way to overcome their fears is to be true to their nature. So together they dance and sing and balance their way out of the grip of the Wind and onto a violet star, restoring its twinkle. Forever after they provide guidance for lost travelers and grant wishes to friends far below.


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