Meditation CD

CD Toward Wholeness • Relaxation and Guided Meditation • 60 minutes • Click to order on Etsy

Brilliant Surya Namaskar • Sun Salutation notecards with envelopes • 12 different postures

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The YOGA JOURNAL reviews Mari Gayatri’s recorded teachings:

Maris's Meditation and Music Yoga RetreatToward Wholeness • “This CD shows you how to use guided meditations and imagery to help you shed your tensions and worries and open into a relaxed, spacious state of being. I was impressed with the detail that Mari Gayatri gives to each aspect of the body and mind during the guided meditation. Her gentle voice brings one easily to a state of calm and quiet. So quiet that I found myself in a light sleep after listening to one side. This is a treat for those who sometimes find their lives filled with tension.” –The Yoga Journal