Puddle Moon

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Puddle Moon Cover by Mari Gayatri Stein
uddle Moon is the story of a little girl’s magical midnight adventure in a grand and wondrous world. Making a glorious splash into the mystical Puddle Moon, Megan and her dog, Mumbles, Inches (the mouse), and Fumbles (the cat) float and tumble with the moon and the clouds, the rainbow bird, and the twinkling star. As they journey into the world of Puddle Moon, they discover that it reflects the love, wonder, and mystery of life. Held together by the magic of the moment, our friends watch the illusion of substance dissolve, and like Puddle Moon, they remain tranquil and full of happiness.

A picture storybook for all ages with 32 watercolor illustrations and an introduction by astronaut David Scott.




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“I love the illustrations – that soft, watercolor effect, with just a few delineating lines. Fits nicely with the story, and just looks yummy.

Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_12

Speaking from a teacher perspective, there are a number of teachable points, including encouraging visualization, repeating predictable language, and vocabulary development (what do you think glistening means?). Also, this would be a great book to read on a cloudy day, when kids could go outside and look up, imagining shapes in the sky. Plus, of course, you could do a lot with using the book as inspiration for creative writing … (what would you like to see in a puddle? … would you visit the moon if you could? … etc.)

It is a book that offers many options for discussion, and I like that a lot. Both the teacher and the grandmother in me like that! Lots of opportunities to extend the literature, and to inspire creativity on the part of children … always good.”

Vivian Sherrill
Elementary School Teacher for 27 years, grades K, 1, 2, 6 (retired)
San Diego County, California

Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_09Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_13“The Puddle Moon is enchanted and delightful. What a feast for the imagination.
From the child psychiatry standpoint, it is truly a breath of fresh air – imparting a view of possibilities. The illustrations open the imagination in a way no electronic media ever could.

The lessons about trust and friendship are invaluable and delivered in a deep and meaningful way. I would highly recommend this delightful storybook to any and all ages – a most welcome perspective with great wisdom.”

Jacqueline Amato, MD
Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Board Certified General psychiatrist


Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_15Puddle Moon is a journey into enchantment which will inspire readers of all ages – from youngsters who yearn to be read to at bedtime, to retirees like me. As Megan and her intrepid animal companions venture into the realm of the imagination on a rainy night, they encounter the beauty of nature and find a way to merge with the universe.

Mari Gayatri Stein’s magical illustrations capture the adventure and the mystery of Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_26Megan’s journey.

As a committed reader of literary fiction, and as a ‘hard-bitten’ journalist with 21 years of experience at the Los Angeles Times, and 20 years more as a journalism professor, I fell easily under the spell of this parable of discovery. The story and the fabulous illustrations by Mari (the pink bunny slippers and the soulful dog Mumbles, for example) swept me away. I discovered along with Megan that the whole cosmos may be contained in a puddle reflection of the moon and stars.”
Barbara Baird
B.S. Cornell University
M.A. Loyola University
Los Angeles Times 1968-1989
Santa Monica College 1989-2009

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“Artist Mari Gayatri Stein has captured the magic of the moon on a warm, rainy night with her witty and whimsical illustrations of Megan and her best friend, Mumbles, the dog. Puddle Moon is charming and comforting and the best bedtime story for children of all ages – a great reminder of the hope, solace, humor and enchantment that is in the everyday details of our lives. I want to add that I read Puddle Moon again and words do not do justice to its power and charm. I think it’s the perfect story for these troubled and anxious times.”

Sheila Burns, Co-Owner
Bloomsbury Books
Ashland, Oregon


Puddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Back CoverPuddle Moon by Mari Gayatri Stein Page_25“Mari’s whimsical drawings have graced the pages of our Buddhist journal for nearly two decades. This lovely book, and the delightful story it tells, offers gentle Dharma lessons to readers of all ages.”

Alan Novidor
Inquiring Mind

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