The Buddha Smiles

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The Buddha Smiles by Mari Gayatri SteinThe Buddha Smiles offers the teachings of the dharma through the use of humor, quotes from renowned teachers through the ages, and Mari’s delightful, inspiring, and poignant drawings. A perfect book to study or pick up when you need a little inspiration during the day or in your practice.

© 1999, Mari Stein

The Buddha Smiles introduces a new genre of Buddhist literature, Dharmatoons, or cartoons with a dharma theme. Major Buddhist teachings ranging from the Four Noble Truths, to the hindrances, to the precepts are viewed through a clever cartoonist’s lens. We see humans and animals on the path of enlightenment and experiencing all of the trials and tribulations of the dharmic life… When the going gets tough, consider thumbing through these pages. The Buddha Smiles, and we can smile back.” -Inquiring Mind


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“Mari sees and hears with a cartoonist’s wit… She is very funny. Her cartoonist’s eye view is balanced by good understanding. She says, with a few strokes of her pen, what would take many words to explain and she makes us laugh.” -Sylvia Boorstein

The Buddha Smiles provides glimpses of the examined life, what the Buddhists call the way of the Dharma, in the form of cartoons and captions (and some dialogue). Mari Gayatri Stein’s simple line drawing style is reminiscent of Jules Feiffer and also that of Zen drawings. It is alive and spontaneous. A number of the cartoons, with their accompanying captions, are ‘right on the money.’ Resonant with common experiences of meditation and other aspects of ‘the path.’ Some are great fun, some are poignant, some are ‘heart-full.’ I suspect this book – like other great treats – is best enjoyed over a period of time, savored and prolonged much as one would enjoy a book like, say, Gibran’s The Prophet, or a particularly fine pudding.” -Whole Life Times


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  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.
  • Pain times resistance equals suffering. No resistance, no suffering. You do the math.
  • Let the ice of your ego melt. Drop the image and stop apologizing for being a friendly person.
    Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back.
  • What is the sound of one paw scratching?
  • Forgiveness is at the heart of all happiness.
  • There is no time but the present.

May all beings, in all realms, in all forms be free of pain and suffering. May we all be at peace.


Below is a sampling of the drawings, inside and back cover from the fully illustrated book. Click to enlarge.

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